Certification demonstrates special commitment towards shaping workplace culture

After undergoing inspection from the “Great Place to Work” institute, First Climate has now officially been certified as a ‘Great Place to Work’ for 2021. The certification program represents a special commitment to shaping the workplace culture and each year, the program recognizes good employers on an international level.

To achieve this certification, First Climate carried out an independent and anonymous feedback survey among its employees and the Great Place to Work institute analysed its measures and programs for Human Resources within the company. The results of the employee surveys and the corporate culture analysis form the basis for the certification.

“I am happy to see from the positive feedback, that our employees enjoy being part of our team, confirming that First Climate is, indeed, a good place to work. The survey results have also provided us with valuable impetus for further developing our working environment.”

Olaf Bachert, CEO First Climate AG

“Good employers have one thing in common,” says Sebastian Diefenbach, from the Great Place to Work Institut, “they are committed to credible, fair management and the active promotion of employees. Respect, trust and team spirit are to a large extent part of the corporate culture. ”

First Climate’s certification is awarded for 2021 and will last for a year. Currently, First Climate is among 56 companies in Germany to receive the certification this year.