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Partnership Advances Increased Sustainability in Sports

First Climate is co-sponsor of Zurich City Triathlon in 2023

First Climate is an official co-sponsor of the second running of the Zurich City Triathlon (ZC3), which will be held on June 25, 2023. As part of the new the partnership, First Climate will be responsible for calculating the carbon footprint. The company will compensate for the event’s unavoidable carbon emissions with certified climate protection projects from First Climate´s portfolio. As a co-sponsor, First Climate will be on-site with a booth and will enter staff members in the competition.

As a young, innovative event management company, the Zurich Triathlon GmbH attaches high value to sustainability. Now in its second year, the Zurich City Triathlon (ZC3) will be designed in an especially environmentally-friendly manner – all event-related carbon emissions will be compensated through a curated selection of high-quality climate protection projects within the First Climate portfolio. The compensated emissions stem from the transport of all materials required for the event, the travel of all participants to and from the event, as well as the energy consumed and related to organizing and operating the triathlon. To ensure that the emissions of the Zurich City Triathlon are not simply compensated, but also proactively reduced over the medium and long term, First Climate also supports the budding company with expert advice regarding reduction measures within its supply chain.

The Zurich City Triathlon has taken up the torch left by the “5150 Zurich Triathlon” and has been held in the heart of Zurich since 2022. Races are held in three categories with varied distances including junior, sprint and Olympic lengths. As part of the event, employees of Zurich-based companies may compete individually or in teams of three to complete the triathlon together, where each discipline – swimming, cycling, running – is completed by one person at a time. The sporting event is expected to have over 3000 entrants. In addition to hosting an on-site booth, First Climate staff will also be among the participants. More information to follow soon.

Click here to register for the Zurich City Triathlon 2023.



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