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On the Road with Carbono Local+

Follow Nataly and Laura on the rotational grazing project’s validation journey and site visit across Colombia

In conjunction with its upcoming validation process through Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), the project co-founders and First Climate partners, will travel to regional departments to meet with validation auditors, provide training to participants, and promote the project locally.

First Climate invites you to follow us on social media as we join the project’s co-founders and sisters, Laura and Nataly Cubillos on their project tour throughout June and July. From the project’s impact on the soil and for biodiversity enhancement to benefits for local communities, we will be diving into the project with regular updates and posts during their trip. They will be visiting participating farms and ranches, primarily in the departments of Meta and Santander, Colombia.

“We are excited to be able to meet with our local project partners – ranchers and science-based technical experts in the field. Completing this validation milestone is a major step in showing how sustainable practices can improve the state of the soil and support the livelihoods of numerous farming families in Colombia. We are very excited to share updates with the First Climate audience,” says Laura Cubillos, CEO and Lead Project Management at Carbono Local+. 

To see the project up close this summer, please follow First Climate on LinkedIn and be one of the first to get latest updates and project developments!



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