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When it comes to sustainably procuring renewable electricity, First Climate is your partner. With our international partner network of energy producers, we deliver green electricity through Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs) on a demand basis, in all common qualities and at particularly attractive conditions.   

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What are Energy Attribute Certificates? 

Energy Attribute Certificates prove that one megawatt hour of electricity was generated from renewable sources. They indicate how, when and where the electricity was generated. By purchasing a corresponding amount of EACs, you can reduce your energy-related carbon footprint for each of your global locations. For most companies, buying EACs is the easiest and most cost-effective solution to credibly achieve their climate protection goals.  

World Map of EACs: Global Trading Systems

EACs are available for many different markets and countries around the world. For the European market, we deliver Guarantees of Origin (GoOs). Of course, we also offer EACs from other regions of the world such as RECs for companies active in North America as well as I-RECs for locations such as India and China.  

European Energy Certificate System EECS

Guarantees of Origin are an established standards for Energy Attribute Certificates sold within the European Energy Certificate System (EECS).   

The most important areas to consider when purchasing EACs is the country of origin, technology type, time of production and age of the generation facility. Guarantees of Origin represent a wide range of renewable generation technologies from all across Europe such as hydropower, wind, biomass, solar and geothermal energy. 

First Climate makes sure that your EAC procurement strategy complies with international standards (e.g. GHG Protocol, CDP) and that the production and cancellation of your EACs are done in your name and in the relevant electronic registers, so that all national and European regulations are met.  

Green-e Energy Certified

RECs are the standard instrument for reducing scope 2 emissions in companies located in the USA and Canada.  

First Climate takes part in the Green-e programme, which is the leading certification programme in North America. Green-e is an important quality label for green energy products in the US and Canadian markets.  

First Climate is among the leading suppliers of Green-e certified green energy products and supports transacting RECs on the Green-e’s rules of consumer protection and environmental standards. Find out more about Green-e at  

Our certified renewable product, “Renewable Power North America” is based on EACs that come from 100% renewable resources. The product meets the guidelines of CDP and the GHG Protocol and can be effective for sustainability reporting. Companies that are active in the USA and Canada can effectively reduce their energy-related carbon emissions with this product.  

The International REC Standard IREC

The International REC Standard (I-REC) is an international standard for the production, tracking and cancellation of renewable electricity in countries that don’t already have a system for EACs. 

Through our work with the DACH organisation of the I-REC Standard, we are active in the development of the I-REC system and the promotion of renewable energy across the globe.  

First Climate delivers I-RECs for a wide variety of countries around the world, including China, India, Taiwan, Turkey, Vietnam and Mexico. I-RECs provide a sustainable, reliable and convenient way for companies to reduce their scope 2 emissions and promote the development of green energy. I-RECs can be used both to achieve voluntary climate protection goals as well as to meet mandatory requirements.  

These countries use their own national trading systems for renewables: Australian GreenPower, Japanese Green Energy Certificates and South African zaRECs.   


First Climate has access to all of these national programmes and enable you to procure Energy Attribute Certificates from these countries. 

RECS International

First Climate has many years of experience in trading Energy Attribute Certificates. We work closely with RECS International, the association of the most important market participants in this area. The common goal is to develop and improve market structures in Europe and the world. 

First Climate supports RECS International’s Renewable Good Practice Guidance and its guidelines for procuring green electricity for companies and consumers.  

Upon request, we are happy to supply you with EAC-based green electricity that also meets special quality criteria, such as those of the OK Power Label or the Grüner Strom Label Gold.  

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Mike Hatert

Head of Renewables

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