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Green Gas: Natural Gas and
Supporting Climate Action 

First Climate’s Green Gas is the easiest, cheapest and most effective way to manage emissions related to your gas consumption. Our climate protection projects enable you to avoid or store the exact amount of carbon emissions as are released by your gas consumption. 

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First Climate's green gas offers 


Green Gas 

First Climate’s Green Gas is our standard product for delivering energy with additional climate impact. Our Green Gas product lets you account for the emissions generated from burning natural gas by supporting projects that avoid emissions or store carbon on an equivalent scale. These projects are often located in emerging and developing economies as each euro can generate a greater reduction in emissions compared to in Europe.


Green Gas PLUS

Our Green Gas offer but with a plus for the environment. Our Green Gas PLUS product offers you all the advantages of natural gas. In addition to supporting climate projects, Green Gas PLUS also includes support for regional environmental protection projects in Germany, combining global climate action with local nature conservation.

Certified quality


First Climate's services related to the supply and retirement of carbon credits to promote additional climate protection measures are audited annually by TÜV Nord.


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