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Science-Based Targets

Is your company taking on a pioneering role in climate action and would like to be at the forefront of the climate-friendly transformation of the business sector? If so, you should decide to introduce Science-Based Targets in your company according to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).

Wissenschaftsbasierte Klimaziele

First Climate can advise you on the development and implementation of Science-Based Targets that match your business and climate strategy.

Science-Based Targets – First Climate’s Services

Introductory Workshops

In our interactive workshops on the topic of “Defining Corporate Climate Goals – Introduction to Science-Based Targets (SBTs)”, we will explore the basics of Science-Based Targets together. Here you will have an opportunity to exchange ideas directly with our experts and ask them general questions about the workshop content.  


Pathways for Science-Based Targets Setting 

Science-Based Targets are the foundation of any sound climate strategy. Benefit from our expertise and leverage the potential of Science-Based Targets to improve your CDP scoring and strengthen your brand and competitiveness.

To that end, we can help you develop a customized science-based reduction target pathway for your company. This clearly shows to what extent and over what timeframe emissions need to be reduced, making your net zero strategy quantifiable and tangible.

Science Based Targets

Specific advice on more complex topic content 

In addition to developing a reduction target pathway, there are many other concerns and topics related to Science-Based Targets. With the following services among others, we are happy to support you in navigating and understanding the complex world of Science-Based Targets:

  • Benchmarking

  • Scenario analyses

  • Method comparison

  • Final review of Science-Based Targets before submission to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi)

What are Science-Based Targets?

According to scientific projections, we have a limited amount of CO2 emissions that can be emitted every second until we exceed the 1.5°C limit. Therefore, this amount must not be exceeded if the world wants to keep global warming within the limits defined by the Paris Agreement. Companies can ideally support the global fight against climate change by aligning their own emission reduction targets with the remaining carbon budget through climate protection measures.

The Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) allows companies to set net zero targets based on the latest climate science to support achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement. A “Science-Based Target” is thus a climate goal that sets a clearly defined pathway for companies to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and allows each company's "fair share" of the remaining carbon budget to be determined as a sustainable alternative to a "business as usual" scenario.

Developing Science-Based Targets

Base Year

Scope 3 Inventory And Target Coverage

After Setting A Science-Based Target


Energy Certificates


  Once again in 2022, First Climate is an “Accredited Provider” to CDP. We also retain our titles of Silver Renewable Energy Partner and Science Based Targets partner for the DACH region. This certifies that First Climate’s services under these areas meet the CDP quality standards.

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