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As global temperatures rise, more and more companies are prioritizing effective corporate climate action. And while many work to avoid and reduce their emissions —what about unavoidable emissions? First Climate’s high-quality climate protection projects are a good corporate solution to offset unavoidable emissions and become a climate neutral company.

Eine Frau kocht mit einem effizientem Kochofen aus einem Klimaschutzprojekt in Uganda

Carbon Compensation:
A Corporate Climate Solution 

What is Carbon Compensation? 

Carbon compensation, also called carbon offsetting, is based on the principle of a global balance. For the climate, it is irrelevant where in the world emissions are generated or where they are avoided. For many companies, there are often unavoidable emissions left over after taking measures to reduce their carbon footprint. This makes it practical for companies to offset these unavoidable residual emissions that are made in one location by supporting climate protection projects in another area.

This is especially relevant for companies in industries where a substantial reduction of greenhouse gas emissions cannot be achieved in the short-term by other means. In this scenario, carbon compensation can be an important and effective instrument for corporate climate protection as a transitional solution until new low carbon technologies or energy sources are developed.  


First Climate is your partner—with over 20 years of experience, our team gives due diligence to all our climate protection projects and can provide your company with high-quality, certified projects for carbon compensation. Our team is happy to accommodate any special requirements or preferences regarding project technology, location, or carbon standard. From supporting wind power parks in Turkey to providing efficient cook stoves to families in Uganda, we offer a wide selection of possible projects for companies to choose from.


Our high-quality projects can be used to offset a company’s emissions—but they also have various other benefits that can help the environment, biodiversity, and disadvantaged communities across the globe. In fact, all of our projects help to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals—goals that work toward a sustainable, healthy future by 2030.


Let’s work toward a sustainable future together! Contact our climate neutral services team or visit our my.FirstClimate digital platform today to receive an individualized climate strategy for your company.


Carbon Offsetting – Our Services 

First Climate is your partner for implementing ambitious climate neutral strategies and supports you with tailor-made carbon offset solutions. With the targeted financial support of climate protection projects, you can offset your unavoidable emissions.  


Strategy development

With professional expertise, First Climate supports you in developing and implementing customized carbon offset concepts. We take into account different project solutions (emission reductions and carbon sinks) and we carry out cost-benefit analyses on a case-by-case basis to guarantee that your carbon offset strategy has maximum effect for your company.  

Project development

First Climate conceptualizes and develops exclusive international climate protection projects for you to implement directly in your company or supply chains. Projects are tailored to suit your preferences and requirements. We take responsibility for the entire project cycle, from the creation of an initial project design, to project validation and certification, to the generation of emission reduction certificates.  


Creation of an individual project portfolio 

First Climate boasts an extensive portfolio of high-quality climate protection projects for offsetting unavoidable emissions. We advise you in building your project portfolio to suit your individual targets.  

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Risk management

As part of our risk management process, we carry out a due diligence check on all offered projects.   


Procurement and cancellation of emission reduction certificates 

First Climate offers emission reduction certificates from high-quality international climate protection projects. We have a broad offering of climate projects in the market for voluntary carbon offsetting. Of course, we also take care of the cancellation of emission reduction certificates in all important international registries.  

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