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Available Workshops 


Book Climate Workshops online 

Thanks to our my.FirstClimate platform, you can now also participate in our climate workshops digitally – any time, any place at your convenience. To access our workshop booking system, all you need to do is

register on the my.FirstClimate platform


We are currently offering climate workshops on the following topics: 

Know-how for your Climate Strategy

Looking to make a commitment to the climate and develop a climate strategy for your company, but feel you still need background knowledge to do so? Or do you already have some theoretical knowledge in the field of climate protection and would like to delve deeper into the practical side of things? 


We offer needs-based, interactive workshops for a fee on a variety of climate-related topics, which will lead you through important aspects to consider, definitions of terms, as well as background information in a practical way. Our experienced consulting team is available to advise and prepare you for the requirements of corporate climate protection management through structured, individual training courses. You will also have the opportunity to talk directly with our experts and ask them general questions about the workshop content. 

The training workshops are designed to be company-specific: each booked workshop is restricted to one company; however, any number of their staff may participate.

For organizational reasons, the workshops must booked at least one week in advance. After successfully booking, users will receive an invitation and confirmation via MS Teams. Alternatively, special requests for preferred dates can be made in the booking section on the workshops page within the my.FirstClimate platform. In this case, all requests must be submitted a minimum of two weeks in advance. Our consulting team will make every effort to honor your requested date(s) and will contact users by email in a timely manner to confirm the date or suggest an alternative.

Workshop 1

  Workshop 1:
Climate Change and Corporate Climate Action

What does it cover? 


During our online workshop "Climate Change and Corporate Climate Action", you will gain the necessary fundamentals and basic knowledge on climate change and climate engagement that are important for planning your corporate climate strategy. 

What can I expect from this workshop and my.FirstClimate?

1. This introductory workshop will introduce you to the topics of climate change and climate action and their relevance for your company.  

2. In the second step, you will learn about possible options for planning your climate strategy.

Do I need prior knowledge to participate? 

No, prior knowledge is not necessary. 


If you are already registered on the my.FirstClimate platform, you can book our workshops using the button below: 

Don't have a my.FirstClimate account yet? Click here to register for free:

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 Workshop 2:
Defining Corporate Climate Goals –
Introduction to Science-Based Targets (SBTs)

What does it cover? 


SBT, SBTi, Net-Zero-Standard – these terms are increasingly used in public discourse when referring to corporate climate protection. But what do they actually mean and what relevance do they have for your company?  


We invite you to explore our digital workshop "Defining Corporate Climate Goals- Introduction to Science-Based Targets (SBTs)". The workshop can be easily booked on our my.FirstClimate platform, which will provide you with information worth knowing about the topic of SBTs. 


This is a sector-independent introduction that will introduce both the Net-Zero Standard of the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) and the general process of setting SBTs. 

What can I expect from this workshop and my.FirstClimate?

1. The workshop explains terminology and context around SBTs and highlights why it is important to determine and implement short- and long-term climate goals in your company. 

2. A demo on the my.FirstClimate service "Plan your Climate Journey," shows you how a linear reduction path for your company might look using the calculated carbon footprint data for your company.

3. Based on this knowledge and the usage introduction to the my.FirstClimate platform, your  company can go a step further and join the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) in addition to developing your own target path. As a reliable partner, we will continue to support you in case of questions and points of clarification.*

*Please note: It is possible to identify a feasible reduction target via the my.FirstClimate platform, however this information may not be used for the related SBTi validation process. If you wish to continue working with us, we can offer a separate service to assist with the SBTi validation process.

Do I need prior knowledge to participate?

No, prior knowledge is not necessary.  

If you are already registered on the my.FirstClimate platform, you can book our workshops using the button below: 

Don't have a my.FirstClimate account yet? Click here to register for free: 

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