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Climate strategies 

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Climate protection as a management task 

Climate protection is a strategically important management task for companies today. Equal to possible opportunities, the risks within production, operational processes and supply chains that arise from climate change must be recognized and managed.


A comprehensive climate strategy provides the basis for this. With extensive consulting services from a single source, First Climate supports you in planning your path to decarbonization.

 Steps of a climate strategy 

Reduce / Avoid

The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is a central point of any credible corporate climate strategy. First Climate supports you in meeting your efficiency targets and reducing your scopes 1, 2 and 3 emissions from your carbon footprint. Our services include the development of individual concepts for procuring renewable energy. 

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To supplement significant emission reductions, funding climate action projects is an important element to an impactful corporate climate strategy. First Climate's carbon mitigation and carbon storage solutions let you support high-quality climate projects with the purchase of carbon credits. We also offer you the exciting opportunity to develop your own climate project.

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A careful analysis of the current situation is a prerequisite for any successful change. This is also the case with carbon efficiency; only those who understand their own carbon footprint and have a precise picture of carbon emission sources within their businesses are able to effectively counteract these emissions. First Climate supports you with in-depth expertise in measuring your carbon footprint. 

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Building on the baseline analysis, the planning phase focuses on defining and implementing your own target path towards decarbonization. We support you in setting the right climate goals, provide you with the means to measure your progress and support you in integrating your supply chain into your climate strategy.

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An effective communication of your climate protection commitments is an important part of a corporate climate strategy. It helps to position your company against clients, investors and other stakeholders. First Climate supports you in many ways such as reporting your commitment to non-profit reporting initiatives and successfully communicating transparency.


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