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Insetting – Climate protection within your supply chain 

With our insetting solutions, you can make an important contribution to climate protection whilst simultaneously having a positive impact on the environment and local people in the project regions throughout your supply chain. 


When it comes to modern corporate carbon management strategies, supply chains are increasingly coming into focus. Supply chain emissions can often be significantly higher than the company’s carbon footprint. 


First Climate supports you in implementing emission reduction projects within your supply chain (insetting) to minimize climate risks in value creation. 

Insetting – First Climate’s services


Explore insetting potential within your supply chain.

Strategy development 

Development of individual concepts for implementing insetting projects.

Project development

Implementation of your project design including method development, project implementation, certification support as well as generation and cancellation of emission reduction certificates.


Evaluation of project plans and cost-benefit calculations.

Offsetting vs. Insetting?

In English, the term "offsetting" often refers to the concept of balancing out unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions by supporting external climate protection projects. Insetting on the other hand focuses on the implementation of own emission reduction projects within the supply chain. This reduces climate risks within the value chain. Insetting projects can include the implementation of sustainable land and soil management or carrying out an agroforestry program. 

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