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Terms & conditions
and legal aspects

Transparency is one of First Climate's core corporate values. With this in mind, we have compiled all the important guidelines relating to business relationships with First Climate for you on these pages. All documents are available for download here.

Code of Conduct-Geschaeftspartner

The First Climate Code of Conduct
for business partners

The Code of Conduct defines the ethical, social and legal standards that we at First Climate have established for business relationships with our clients and partners and which ensure correct conduct in line with our corporate values. We believe it is important to make the Code of Conduct available to our business partners to ensure that we act responsibly and with mutual understanding.

Our Terms & Conditions

Our Terms & Conditions (T&C) regulate many relevant aspects of business relationships with our clients and partners in a standardized way. They complement and simplify our legal agreements. The Terms & Conditions for the different companies of the First Climate Group can be downloaded here in German and English language.

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AGB First Climate Consulting GmbH: 

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