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Start Your Journey to Net Zero Online

For many companies, it can be intimidating to take the first steps on their journey to net zero. That’s why we created the my.FirstClimate online platform and designed it to streamline the start of a corporate climate journey. From calculating your carbon footprint to funding climate action with carbon credits, my.FirstClimate is with you every step of the way.

Register now for free and join hundreds of other companies who are taking the next step into the future: digital and climate-focused!

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Your my.FirstClimate Account

  • ​24/7 access

  • All-in-One: Carbon footprinting, renewable energy procurement, climate projects, emission reduction certificates

  • Your calculations and certificates stored in one place

  • Unlimited number of users—perfect for the whole team


Want to see how my.FirstClimate works? 

Prefer the one on one, in-person feeling?

Not a problem. Our experts are happy to guide you through a calculation process or certificate purchase.

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Calculate your Carbon Footprint

A carbon footprint is essential to plan an effective and impactful climate strategy. We offer the following footprint calculations according to internationally recognized guidelines and standards.

Your my.FirstClimate Footprints: 

  • Corporate carbon footprint

  • Event carbon footprint

  • Business trip carbon footprint



Reduce Emissions

Procure renewable energy as a simple way to reduce the Scope 2 emissions from your carbon footprint.

Your my.FirstClimate Benefits:

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Support Climate Projects

Discover the many climate projects you can support to reduce or permanently store carbon emissions.

The my.FirstClimate offer:

  • Projects from around the world

  • High-quality, certified, and additional

  • Hydro, forestry, solar, cookstoves, and more!



Available Workshops

What are Science-Based Targets? What can climate action look like for a company?
Ask climate experts directly in our exclusive my.FirstClimate online workshops.

Available my.FirstClimate Workshops:


Book a Demo!

 Want to see my.FirstClimate in action? Need help navigating the platform? Book a demo (non-binding) with our Digital Climate Solutions team.

 Please note that this demo is to demonstrate how the my.FirstClimate platform works. If you have questions regarding our general services at First Climate, please contact our expert team. 

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