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Giving over Gifting – Our Christmas Donation 2021

First Climate supports the Umweltlernschule+ in the district of Ahrweiler

As part of our Christmas campaign “Giving over Gifting”, First Climate is supporting the Umweltlernschule+ in Ahrweiler with a donation of EUR 10,000. The Ahrweiler district in Rhineland-Palatinate was one of the areas that were affected most by the severe flood disasters in Germany this summer.

For months, the residents of Ahrweiler and the many volunteers have been dedicating themselves to local reconstruction. The environmental disaster, however, has not only left visible marks of devastation – mental scars have also remained. The situation is particularly difficult for children and young people, who not only have to face the consequences of the disaster in their private lives, but also have to make long journeys to the few schools that have remained intact due to the destroyed infrastructure.

Against this backdrop, First Climate is donating a total of EUR 10,000 to the Umweltlernschule+ (ULS) – a school for environmental education – of the Abfallwirtschaftsbetrieb Ahrweiler (waste management facility in the district of Ahrweiler). The institution ULS offers environmental education for kindergarten groups and school classes. As an important contact point for pupils, it gives them a break from everyday life and offers support in overcoming traumatic experiences. The donation provided by First Climate is meant to fund a designated psychologist position.

“It is difficult for us to grasp what the children and adolescents in Ahrweiler have to go through every day,” says First Climate CEO Olaf Bachert. “With our donation, we are helping to ensure that they can distract themselves from their burdensome daily experiences and receive psychological support as part of the educational program of the Umweltlernschule+. This will help them process what has happened. We are proud to support the work of such an important institution.”

For further information on our Christmas Donation and the work of the Umweltlernschule+, please visit



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