„Giving over Gifting” –
Our Christmas Donation 2021


First Climate supports the Umweltlernschule+
in the district of Ahrweiler

At First Climate, we traditionally donate for a good cause, instead of making Christmas presents. This year, our Christmas donation – a total of EUR 10,000 – goes to the Umweltlernschule+ (ULS) – a school for environmental education – of the Abfallwirtschaftsbetrieb Ahrweiler (waste management facility in the district of Ahrweiler).


In late summer, Ahrweiler district in the north of Rhineland-Palatinate was hit hard by the flood disaster in western and southern Germany. To this day, the damage is still catastrophic and the people living in the region – and children in particular – are still suffering from the consequences of the floodings. Many schools have been destroyed and lessons can often only take place at remote schools. On their way to school, children and adolescents are confronted with images of destruction every day.

About the Umweltlernschule+  

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The ULS was opened in 2011 and is located on the grounds of the Abfallwirtschaftszentrum (AWZ, Waste Management Center) in Niederzissen. It is part of the KlimaHub, a platform that connects initiatives and people who deal with climate issues. The ULS raises children’s and adolescents’ awareness for topics such as sustainability as well as climate and environmental protection.

It also offers free digital workshops or outdoor excursions on topics such as circular economy, renewable energy and forest and wood management.


The school program aims to impart environmental knowledge to children and adolescents’ and to sensitize them to the challenges of climate change and the necessary adjustments associated with it.

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Donation enables psychological support

Through the donation to the ULS, we are helping to ensure that children and young people receive additional psychological support to come to terms with the catastrophic events. Our donation will contribute to funding a position of a psychologist who will support children and adolescents as part of the program. The trained specialist will help children and young people to overcome their traumatic experiences by offering talks during their visit to the Umweltlernschule+.

For further information on the educational offers, the program, or the projects of the ULS, please visit: https://uls-plus.de/

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The First Climate team wishes you Happy Holidays
and all the best for the New Year.

We look forward to supporting you in your
climate protection commitment in 2022.