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Marketing and Communication

Transparent communication is an important part of any corporate climate strategy. We support you in successfully communicating to your target groups. 


The right communication can help gain long-term support from stakeholders, particularly those conscious of their climate impact, and can also convince other companies to follow suit and commit themselves to the goal of climate protection. But what is important when communicating your climate commitment and how can you provide information that is specific to your target group? First Climate has supported companies and organizations from around the world in preparing and implementing effective communication measures for many years.  

Marketing and Communications for Climate Protection – First Climate’s Services


First Climate is happy to help you respond to questions and build your strategy for communicating climate protection  

Preparation of project information

We deliver information and photo material for the projects that you support 

Labels and logos

Utilize our logos and labels to underpin your commitment to climate protection

Support with enquiries

We provide all relevant background information for press and client enquiries

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Benjamin Seitz

Head of Marketing & Communications

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