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Climate Neutrality
for Companies

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The road to becoming a climate-neutral company

Every company inevitably generates greenhouse gas emissions from its business operations. The use of energy and materials in production and administration, business trips or employees' commutes are typical sources of CO2 that occur in every business. Even in medium-sized companies, emissions from business activities can quickly add up to several hundred tons per year. In practice, a company’s emissions can be reduced with energy efficiency measures, but normally emissions cannot be entirely prevented, or only with disproportionate effort.

First Climate offers a solution for companies to still actively contribute to climate action. Choose a project from our extensive portfolio of carbon emission reduction or carbon removal projects and make an important contribution to climate action with your support.

What is a climate neutral company?

First Climate defines a “climate neutral company” not as the current state, but rather as the aspired goal of an organization committed to the climate.


To help achieve this goal, companies must reduce their carbon footprint through various measures, such as sourcing renewable energy. Companies can make an additional contribution to climate action by buying carbon credits. In this way, companies can financially support climate projects worldwide that either reduce emissions (emission reduction projects) or actively remove CO2 from the atmosphere (carbon removal projects). First Climate also offers many other solutions to actively contribute to climate action, such as by developing your own climate project

The three steps to becoming a climate-neutral company:

Step 1

The first step involves creating the most accurate picture possible of the current situation, and identifying the ‘hot-spot’ processes and the quantity of emissions that are being produced in your company supply chain. Then, based on an in-depth analysis, our experts calculate your company's carbon footprint. This is not only the foundation needed for the next steps, it also enables you to define climate protection targets and realize potential energy consumption savings.

Step 2

Not all emissions are unavoidable. The most effective and efficient way to be more climate-friendly is often found in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from your company. Therefore, the second step is based around developing and implementing measures to be more climate efficient. Holding video conference calls to avoid business travel, switching to public transport and other measures can often create significant potential savings. First Climate develops tailor-made concepts for you to optimize your carbon efficiency whilst, of course, upholding your business interests.

Step 3

For the final third step, your company addresses its unavoidable emissions that occurred despite energy efficiency measures. By purchasing carbon credits with First Climate, your company can support high-quality climate projects that reduce or store carbon emissions. In this way, you can can enable the creation of additional climate benefits. We would be happy to advise you on how to choose a suitable project.

As part of our wide range of climate solutions for companies, we support you not only in calculating and reducing your business' emissions, but also in selecting a certified climate project to contribute to. This lets you take your unavoidable emissions into account by supporting climate benefits on the same scale. When it comes to making your climate commitment known, we are also your partner for communication.


No matter what your goals and requirements in the area of climate protection are, First Climate offers you professional and tailor-made services from a single source. We look forward to helping you achieve your climate goals.

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