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With over twenty years of experience and hundreds of diverse clients, First Climate is a leading service provider of carbon emissions and water management. We support private and public sector organizations in achieving their climate and sustainability objectives.

Our core competencies cover products and services relating to carbon neutrality, green energy, water management, green investments, and project development. For public sector clients, we provide consulting for industry best-practice as well as emissions trading services.

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Practice Areas

Aviation Industry

First Climate has been working with leading airlines for the reduction of their carbon footprint for over a decade. In response to CORSIA, First Climate co-sponsored a series of workshops hosted by IATA and IETA in Geneva, Miami and Singapore in February and March 2017. First Climate also supports public sector clients such as the German Environmental Protection Agency (UBA) and the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment in the implementation of carbon trading for the aviation sector under both CORSIA and the Swiss Emissions Trading Scheme.

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Green Cities

Urban centers are vast drains on energy resources: worldwide, cities account for more than 70% of energy consumption and for over half of greenhouse gas emissions. By 2050, two thirds of the global population is projected to be urban (up from half currently), further stressing existing energy production and supply infrastructures. In the face of rising urbanization, cities must look towards developing integrated energy planning approaches to ensure sustainable and green living conditions.

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Financial Industries

Emissions reductions are usually based on improved energy and resource efficiency, and therefore frequently result in net financial benefit. But where and how can efficiency measures best be applied? Which measures offer the most promising results? And how can cost-effectiveness be maximized? First Climate supports your business with tailor-made solutions and fresh ideas for carbon management, carbon footprint assessments, analysis of emission reduction opportunities, and streamlined strategies to compensate for your business’s unpreventable carbon emissions.

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Cement and Lime

Over the last 20 years, worldwide production of cement has increased almost three-fold –driven primarily by infrastructure demand in emerging economies. While responsible for 5% of global CO2 emissions, this growing industry has been voluntarily taking charge of addressing the climate impact of its activities. The Cement Sustainability Initiative (CSI) provides a globally recognized framework for addressing carbon mitigation and sustainability in this sector.

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Manufacturing Industries

In the wake of the Paris Agreement and as carbon policies push for further cuts in greenhouse gas emissions, manufacturing companies are faced with increasing challenges to decarbonize operations. In addition to compliance obligations such as emissions trading systems or carbon taxes, voluntary efforts are also key to tackling climate action – and enable industrial businesses to demonstrate ambition and leadership to stakeholders. The CDP provides a globally-recognized platform for business to disclose these efforts.

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