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Smartphone App Prompts Smarter Climate Action

Employees at First Climate use mobile app to measure and reduce personal carbon footprints

First Climate puts a carbon emissions app to the test with interactive, climate-friendly tasks that aim to turn minor behavioral changes into tangible green impacts. The “Footprint” app is designed to motivate employees to take positive climate action at work and home every day.

Whether in a corporate environment or in private life – sustainable change is most effective when we set goals, stay focused and see them through. This is also the principle of the “Footprint” app: Employees at First Climate have been conscientiously tracking their personal carbon footprints since mid-February. The app empowers users to make greener choices everyday as they compete in daily eco-friendly challenges, such as separating trash, lowering the thermostat, charging devices before bedtime, or washing at lower temperatures. Everyday activities are weighed against low carbon emitting alternatives such as air-drying hair, driving cautiously and slower, reducing energy consumption, or eating locally sourced, organic foods.

A challenge a day to keep global warming at bay

First Climate partnered directly with the Munich-based start-up, yourFootprint, to tailor the app to the company and its unique workforce. The daily challenges, which are specifically based on each employee’s personal footprint, also provide resourceful information about how daily routines affect global warming and which lifestyle choices are more eco-friendly. Once the employee’s footprint is calculated, another screen shows its concrete effects by displaying a “PositiveImpact” score, which is calculated each day the app is active. Using the app, fosters ongoing sustainable behavior and gives useful tips explaining the impacts of a carbon footprint and how to reduce emissions.

“Challenges invite users to playfully explore various simple options of reducing their carbon footprint on a daily basis by encouraging the consideration of adopting small behavior changes, one at a time. Rather than a set of strict instructions, most of the tips are exemplary in nature to provide a sense of the magnitude of the impact certain behaviors may have and thus can easily be applied broadly to similar areas in everyday life.”

-- Daniel Scholz, co-founder of yourFootprint

In this way, every staff member has an opportunity to make incremental changes to daily routines and mindsets in a concerted effort to push against global warming. The total carbon footprint of every staff member who uses the app is then offset by First Climate by supporting a verified climate protection project. First Climate continues to collaborate with the developers to streamline the app. In future, our corporate clients can also use it to engage their own staffs in direct climate action efforts.

How the app works

The app has a modern and friendly design, making it is as simple as 1, 2, 3 to:

  1. effortlessly analyze personal carbon footprint,

  2. explore with ways to playfully reduce it through daily challenges, and

  3. balance it out entirely with an optional private contribution.

The user gets a personalized list of four simple challenges and picks one to commit to for the day. The app shows the positive impacts of the selected challenge in real-time.

For more information about how your company can introduce this app to your workforce, please contact us.

About Footprint

Footprint is a climate start up based in Munich, Germany. With a dynamic international team, Footprint offers digital solutions to make businesses more sustainable by engaging their customers and employees in climate action.



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