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Ready, Set, eCharged...Go!

Six eCharging Stations set up for First Climate employees in Bad Vilbel

An upswing in greener commuting options and an increasing number of employees opting for hybrid work schedules has spurred a positive trend. In support of this growing transition to more sustainable mobility of its workforce, First Climate has launched eCharging stations as another free and convenient climate action measure at its German headquarters in Hessen.

Did you know that by the end of 2021, there were over half a million electric cars on German roads and autobahns? This trend is expected to continue with more drivers switching to regenerative fuels. With this in mind, First Climate has installed renewable energy charging stations for electric vehicles -- another positive step in climate action in the workplace.

The installation of the sleek, wall-mounted charging stations is another example of the company’s ongoing commitment to countering work-related carbon emissions. For one thing, First Climate is offering a convenient option to employees to charge their electric vehicles at work, and for another, the company is actively reducing its corporate carbon footprint.

Sustainable Mobility with Ripple Effect

The six eCharging wall boxes, located in an underground parking garage, have many advantages. For one, they are easy for employees to access thanks to special NFC (near-field communication) chips in their company access key fobs. Another advantage is that the state-of-the-art stations have an “intelligent” loading and charging management system, which can be automatically balanced without any additional electricity grid overload. Also, First Climate’s initiative encouraged other companies on property to install charging stations for their employees, and now there are nine stations in operation. The charging stations and parking spaces, which are free for employees during working hours, were partially financed through a program of the Federal State of Hessen. A win-win for the environment and everyone involved.

Learn more about First Climate’s other climate protection measures such as tracking its carbon footprint:



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