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KlimaHumus Website Launch Marks New Milestone for the Program as a resource for farmers and companies looking to engage in climate action

The website launch is an important step for the newly founded joint venture that aims to bring farmers and companies together for joint climate action. The site provides information on how farmers can participate in the program, an overview on sustainable agriculture, the program's benefits, and how companies, municipalities and other interested parties can support the program.

The newly launched KlimaHumus homepage is divided into two sections: scrolling up shows how sustainable development in agriculture can be supported. Scrolling down shows farmers what participating in the project looks like. A contact form is also provided for interested supporters or participants to use.

We’ve already seen a lot of interest in KlimaHumus and launching the website is a very exciting next step for the project,” said Konstantin Pauly, managing director of KlimaHumus GmbH. “All the important information for farmers and supporting companies is now available in one place. I encourage anyone who is interested in renewable agriculture and humus buildup or regional climate protection to contact us and get involved!”

Healthy Soil for a Healthy Climate

From crop rotation to holistic grazing management, farmers and other potential stakeholders looking into the program can get a “sneak peek” to the program’s methodology on the new website. For example, each sustainable soil management technique has a short description which gives some insight into what participants may be implementing on their own land.

There is also a quick description on the four-step participation process, the Humus enrichment premiums, frequently asked questions, and upcoming seminar dates.

Supporting Climate Action in Agriculture

The benefits and the project beneficiaries of the program are listed transparently on the website so that companies, municipalities, and other interested parties can see how their support can help both farmers and the climate.

KlimaHumus is a unique opportunity for companies looking to support a climate and nature protection project in the region. The project will issue KlimaHumus Certificates (CO2 certificates), which will be partly sold through First Climate once the project is certified. Interested parties will then be able to use the certificates to compensate for unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions resulting from their operations.

About the KlimaHumus Program

The new KlimaHumus Program is a joint venture of three partners: Stiftung Lebensraum, Raiffeisen Waren-Zentrale Rhein-Main eG and First Climate. The KlimaHumus project works with farmers to promote ways for increased humus buildup thus increasing the soil fertility and carbon sequestration potential.

KlimaHumus Website:

More information on the KlimaHumus Program:



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