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Investing in Effective Climate Action

First Climate acquires shares in everi GmbH / Support for projects in development

First Climate acquires shares in Hamburg-based everi GmbH and solidifies a strategic partnership. everi develops certified climate protection projects as well as plans and implements corporate climate and sustainability strategies. First Climate's collaboration will also provide direct financial support to climate protection projects in everi’s development portfolio.

This investment in everi is part of First Climate's expansion strategy. First Climate intends to further expand its range of climate protection services and offers through its own growth, but also through strategic investments and acquisitions. Like First Climate, everi supports companies and public sector clients in the development and implementation of tailor-made climate strategies. These services also include the advancement and implementation of certified climate protection projects, located in areas across the globe and in Germany as well. By acquiring the shares and through direct investment in its development portfolio, First Climate contributes to everi's ambitious growth targets and, at the same time, contributes to the climate benefits of current and future projects in the coming years. “Tackling the climate crisis today is first and foremost a question of how quickly we can apply the relevant instruments and solutions to impart impactful action,” explained First Climate CEO, Olaf Bachert, on the signing of the investment agreement. “By acquiring a share in everi, we are securing access to a portfolio of climate protection projects that are already certified or under development, which we intend to develop and expand quickly and comprehensively together.”

Development of pioneering carbon sinks and emission reduction projects

Nature-based carbon sink projects, such as the afforestation of mangrove forests, as well as energy-saving initiatives which distribute efficient cooking stoves to households across Africa, are central to everi’s project plans. Both project types are recognized for generating extensive socio-economic benefits going above and beyond the inherent climate impacts. Among other things, these activities create local jobs in the project regions and considerably reduce monthly fuel costs for families. However, everi is also conscientiously engaged in enhancing regenerative agriculture within Germany.

“Our goal is to expand the positive climate benefits we achieve with our projects on a substantial and sustainable scale. We are pleased to have First Climate, an established and recognized industry partner, by our side mutually working towards these goals. This partnership grants us the possibility to further scale up the full range of our projects and activities,” said Wolfgang Brückner and Sid Petersen, the founders and managing directors of everi.

Complementary strategies as a basis for mutual growth

Mirco Thelen, Investment Manager at First Climate’s shareholder, HANNOVER Finanz, also sees immense potential in the partnership between First Climate and everi. “As an investor, we assist our partner companies in actively tapping into growth opportunities. We see First Climate's financial commitment to everi as a classic win-win situation that can sustainably increase the enterprise value of both partners. We are glad to have the opportunity to accompany First Climate on this growth path.”

About everi

Founded in 2021, everi GmbH set out to implement certified climate protection projects on a large scale. The start-up’s portfolio holds certified, international climate protection projects along with others in development. In addition to carbon emission reductions, the portfolio also focuses on the direct socio-economic benefits for local populations. Furthermore, everi is a highly competent partner and consultant in the development and implementation of climate and sustainability strategies. Already within its first business year, everi accompanied numerous well-known businesses on their journey to improving the climate impact.



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