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First Climate Expands Group of Shareholders

HANNOVER Finanz joins as investor and minority shareholder

Effective immediately, the HANNOVER Finanz GmbH joins First Climate as an investor and minority shareholder. With the increasing demand for climate neutral and green energy products and services, the partnership with HANNOVER Finanz will enable First Climate to press ahead with the company's expansion.

The HANNOVER Finanz Group is a private equity partner founded in 1979 and based in Hannover and Vienna. For over 40 years now, the HANNOVER Finanz Group has consulted and supported medium-sized enterprises in a variety of industries to successfully implement their growth and expansion strategies. Against the backdrop of climate change and its accompanying new requirements and challenges, First Climate and HANNOVER Finanz intend to further strengthen the company. Hannover Finanz’s investment enables First Climate to successfully take the next step in its development in a highly dynamic market environment. Through the partnership, First Climate intends to achieve even more positive climate benefits together with its clients. The parties have agreed not to disclose the amount of the capital investment.

"We deliberately chose HANNOVER Finanz as our growth partner, as it is one of the most renowned financiers of medium-sized businesses in the DACH region. Together, we want to further position First Climate as a leading brand for climate protection consulting, CO2 compensation and green energy solutions, as well as accompany our clients on their path to climate neutrality," says First Climate CEO Olaf Bachert about the future cooperation.

HANNOVER Finanz CEO Goetz Hertz-Eichenrode explains the investment decision as follows: "Climate change is the priority issue of our time. Companies and institutions are constantly confronted with new requirements and challenges that require external expertise. We are pleased to support First Climate, a company that is one of the most established and experienced in the industry."

Both sides emphasized that the cooperation is long-term and based on partnership. Together, the partners want to further reinforce First Climate's market position through sustainable and stable growth.

About the HANNOVER Finanz Group

For 40 years now, the HANNOVER Finanz Group has been a sought-after private equity partner for medium sized enterprises in all industries. The private equity company, based in Hanover and Vienna, was one of the first providers of venture capital for the DACH region in Germany, and is an owner-managed investment company in its second generation. Well-known businesses like Fielmann, Rossmann and AIXTRON AG have financed their growth with private equity from the HANNOVER Finanz Group and made use of its management consultancy services. Since its founding, the equity partner for SMEs has completed over 250 projects and invested more than 2 billion Euros. The Group also invests in companies when a change of generation has to be secured, and in medium-sized businesses with annual sales exceeding 20 million euros. In addition to majority shareholdings, the HANNOVER Finanz Group is one of the few investment companies in Germany to also acquire minority interests. The portfolio currently includes 40 companies.


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