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Christmas Spirit for Clean Seas

This year First Climate supports non-profit Healthy Seas

In the spirit of an annual Christmas donation campaign “Giving over Gifting,” this year First Climate is supporting Healthy Seas – a non-profit organization that works to protect marine wildlife worldwide. With the donation, we would like to contribute to the work of Healthy Seas and their cleanup, education and prevention efforts.

Pristine seas around the globe – that is the mission of Healthy Seas. Since 2013, the organization has been combating so-called "ghost fishing," in which marine debris, especially from lost or abandoned fishing gear, becomes a deadly hazard for fish and other marine life. Together with volunteer divers and fishers, Healthy Seas undertakes cleanup operations and marine litter prevention activities in which they salvage the nets left behind. In this way, more than 700 tons of marine debris have been recovered to date, as well as thousands of sea creatures rescued.

A Journey from Waste to Wear

Healthy Seas is also committed to sustainability by collaborating with partners in the recycling and textile industries that transform the recovered waste nets into clothing, accessories, carpets and more. To raise public awareness of ocean pollution and marine conservation issues and to facilitate the prevention of future marine waste accumulations, Healthy Seas also organizes campaigns, educational programs, and prevention activities.

In connection with First Climate’s interest in supporting Healthy Seas' efforts, this year's annual Christmas donation will directly provide financial resources to support their many initiatives. "Ocean pollution is everyone's responsibility. Cleanup, education, and prevention measures to preserve the valuable and unique marine ecosystem overall, and marine biodiversity specifically, have never been more important at a time when species extinction continues to spread. We are impressed by the passion and commitment with which the Healthy Seas team is working to protect our oceans and would like to contribute our support to this important work through our donation," says Olaf Bachert, CEO of First Climate Markets AG.

For more information about our Christmas campaign and the ongoing activities of Healthy Seas, please visit our Christmas donation page.



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