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A Question of Identity

First Climate defines vision, mission and corporate values

What is the essence of First Climate? And how can the company's identity be described? Read here to learn more about the vision, mission and corporate values of First Climate.

As a provider of climate protection solutions, First Climate is committed to tackling the climate crisis. Working with clients and partners to create positive climate impact is an integral part of First Climate's corporate identity. First Climate's goal is to shape the future positively and actively by supporting and enabling the journey toward decarbonization for other organizations.

Our corporate vision:

Transitioning society to Net Zero – for a livable planet. In time.

This goal can only be achieved through sustainable solutions that enable companies to effectively reduce and/or avoid greenhouse gas emissions or to actively remove CO2 from the atmosphere.

This is also reflected in the First Climate mission:

Deliver smart climate solutions. Enable measurable impact. Support organizations on their journey to Net Zero.

At First Climate, core values are another important building block of the company's identity, as they define the principles that shape how we work and interact on a daily basis. First Climate CEO, Olaf Bachert, emphasizes how significant the interplay of all these factors is for the company's self-image and direction:

“For First Climate, it is not only essential to have a clear vision and mission, but also to have a firm framework of core values that guide us both internally in our day-to-day work and externally in direct exchange with our contacts,” says Bachert. “They define what is important to us and how we want to shape our work today, tomorrow and in the future.”

First Climate's corporate values at a glance:

· Respect

· Transparency and quality

· Client focus

· Passion

· Innovation

Interested in learning more about First Climate in our own words? Find out more about First Climate's vision, mission and corporate values and watch our corporate identity video here.



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