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16th German Sustainability Award Honors Pioneers of Transformation

Continued support for the DNP as a service partner in the field of climate action / First Climate client Schott AG receives award

At the 16th German Sustainability Award (Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis, or DNP) ceremony on 23 and 24 November in Düsseldorf, many players from the field of sustainability came together, once again, this year to promote the transformation of business, research and society and to honor exemplary commitment. First Climate has been supporting the award ceremony as a service partner since 2018 as well as contributed to the sustainable implementation of the event in 2023.

The award ceremony was launched in 2008 and is the largest of its kind in Europe. This year, the DNP nominated and awarded prizes to pioneers of sustainability in 100 different sectors in the corporate category. Based on their sustainability profiles, all entries were analyzed and assessed in advance using a unique scoring system – the companies with the most effective contributions to sustainability were nominated to a shortlist. Competent expert juries determined and honored the respective winning companies in the transformation fields of resources, society/value chain, nature and climate, which are derived from the UN's Agenda 2030 and the German government's sustainability strategy.

Schott AG is the transformation field winner for “Climate”

Schott AG, which actively contributes to climate change mitigation in the energy-intensive glass industry, shows how a practical transformation of the German economy towards greater sustainability can be achieved. The specialized manufacturer of high-tech glass and glass ceramics has pledged to operate a climate-neutral production line by 2030. In line with its overall climate sustainability strategy, Schott is focusing on researching and developing innovative technologies. Current research projects are working on how glass can be melted using green electricity or green hydrogen instead of natural gas in the future. In addition, the company already covers 100% of its electricity needs with green energy. Another field of action is the continuous improvement of energy efficiency. In addition, Schott has been supporting certified climate protection projects in cooperation with First Climate for many years by purchasing carbon credits and thus promoting sustainable development in the project regions - such as a reforestation project in China in 2023. By 2022, Schott has already successfully reduced its emissions by over 60 percent.

With its extensive commitment, Schott also impressed the independent expert jury of the DNP and received two prizes at the award ceremony: the German Sustainability Award in the Glass/Ceramics category and the special prize in the "Climate" transformation field.

"We congratulate Schott AG on this double win! It is great to see that ambitious and committed companies that successfully contribute to sustainable development with effective climate strategies and innovative solutions are recognized accordingly. We are delighted to be able to accompany Schott on this journey," said Laura Ann Lüdtke, Sales Manager Climate Services, who attended the award ceremony on behalf of First Climate alongside Martina Coco, Sales Manager Climate Services.

Laura Ann Lüdtke und Martina Coco at the 16th German Sustainability Awards
"The fact that voluntary climate action is being honored is spot-on, and the DNP offers an important forum for making outstanding sustainability efforts known to a wide audience." -Laura Ann Lüdtke, Sales Manager Climate Services

DNP sets a good example for sustainability

The DNP itself also attaches great importance to sustainability: when organizing and holding the congress and the accompanying award ceremonies, various measures were once again taken this year to make the event environmentally friendly and keep the carbon footprint as low as possible. Among other things, First Climate, as a long-standing service partner of the DNP, was also entrusted with determining the event-related carbon footprint in 2023. Suppliers and visitors were able to record their travel data in advance using a special app via a link provided. Participants also had the opportunity to determine their carbon footprint directly on site at the First Climate stand.

Ein energieeffizienter Kochofen bei der Cookstoves-Projekt in Uganda
An energy efficient cookstove from the Uganda Cookstoves Project

By purchasing carbon credits with First Climate's guidance, the DNP also supports the verified Uganda Cookstoves Project, which is dedicated to distributing energy-efficient cookstoves to Ugandan households, effectively cutting emissions locally. Since the start of the project activities, over 700,000 stoves have already been distributed to local households - more than 3,000,000 people have benefited from the measures to date. With its support, the DNP is making an important contribution to this.

What else is the DNP doing in sustainability and climate commitment? You can find out here: DNP 2023 Awards



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