Meet the Team

Olaf Bachert

First Climate AG

Dr. Jochen Gassner

First Climate Markets AG

Urs Brodmann

First Climate (Switzerland) AG

Mike Hatert
Head of Renewables

Sven Lafeld
Head of Green Energy

Kilian Glas
Sales Manager Green Energy

Nikunj Agarwal
Head of Sourcing and Global Markets

Sarah Drevermann
Manager Renewable Energy

Jenny Oakes
Senior Sales Manager International

Paola Del Rio Villegas
Sourcing and Business Development Manager Latin America

Jacob Bourgeois
Senior Consultant Carbon and Water

Janosch Birkert
Climate Consultant

Sebastian Hillegaart
Climate Consultant

Matthew Laustrup
Sales Manager Carbon and Renewable Energy

Heike Natzet
Sales Manager Germany

Kathleen Stepina
Sales Support Green Energy

Benjamin Schleicher
Climate Consultant

János Hettyey
Renewable Energy Expert

Júlia Lobenwein
Sales Manager Climate Neutral, Green Energy

Fee van Heeswijk
Junior Sales Manager Climate Neutral, Green Energy

Dr. Harald Diaz-Bone
Head, Climate Policy and Finance

Nikolaus Wohlgemuth
Senior Advisor, Consulting

Yannick Träris
Project Manager, Green Investments

Jonathan Schwieger
Senior Advisor, Consulting

Luzia Bieri
Senior Advisor, Consulting

Yves Keller
Project Manager, Green Investments

Dr. Joachim Sell
Head, Natural Climate Solutions

Claudio Kummli
Project Manager

Julian Schirm
Manager Finance-/Business Development Green Investments

Thomas Stetter
Associate, Renewable Energy

Konstantin Drozd
Senior Advisor

Daniel Crush
Sourcing Manager

Nelson Alcantar
Solar Photovoltaic Market Specialist, Colombia

Mischa Aeschlimann

Ana Aires Carpinteiro
Business Development Lead International

Benjamin Seitz
Head of Marketing and Communications

Patrick Schütz
Manager Marketing and Communications

Stefan Ernst
Manager Marketing and Communications

Annabel Pooley
Manager Communications/Sourcing

Daniel Lippok
Manager Human Resources

Sabrina Obst
Manager Corporate Finance

Martina Pflug
Manager Corporate Finance