Corporate Carbon Compliance: ensuring continued greenhouse gas regulations

Corporate carbon compliance demands adherence to an array of regulations related to greenhouse gas emissions. Businesses are increasingly confronted with a variety of regulations concerning their emissions. Depending on the location and emissions profile, a company may be subject to participation in an emissions trading system (ETS) or a carbon tax, but may also benefit from public subsidies for emissions reduction measures. Is your company equipped to cost-effectively ensure carbon compliance? This includes:

  • A climate strategy in line with regulations and your CSR mission statement
  • Knowing your position, obligations and rights under the emissions trading system
  • Access to carbon markets to procure and sell emission rights and reduction certificates

Our experts will assist you in analyzing regulatory requirements as well as all matters relating to cost-effective carbon compliance.

Strategic consulting on climate risks and mitigation actions

Businesses in various industries are now faced with regulatory risks and requirements for emissions reduction. A sound climate strategy will help you reduce your carbon footprint, save on energy and carbon costs and improve the sustainability of your products. Rely on us for long-standing experience in the development and implementation of climate strategies.

Participation in emissions trading systems

Managing obligations under the emissions trading system is a challenge for many European businesses. Emissions trading is not a core competency of most businesses. First Climate can support you in this area; from the analysis of your baseline to the delivery of the required emission allowances.

Teilnahme an Emissionshandelssystemen

Die Pflicht zur Teilnahme am Emissionshandel ist für viele europäische Unternehmen eine Herausforderung. Normalerweise entspricht der Emissionshandel weder ihrer Kernkompetenz, noch steht er im Fokus ihrer Aufmerksamkeit. First Climate unterstützt und begleitet Sie während des kompletten Compliance-Zyklus von der Positionsanalyse bis zur Abgabe der erforderlichen Emissionsberechtigungen.


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