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First Climate is Zurich City Triathlon’s Co-Sponsor and Partner for Climate Action

Renewal of partnership for sport, team spirit and climate action

On June 23, 2024, triathletes from all over the world will come together in the heart of Zurich, Switzerland, to compete in various disciplines at the Zurich City Triathlon (ZC3). First Climate is supporting the event again this year as an official co-sponsor and climate action partner and will also be at the starting line with two teams.

Was sind Scope 1,2,3 Emissionen?

Participants will compete in one or more of the three ZC3 disciplines of swimming, cycling and running over junior, sprint and Olympic distances. As part of the event, there is also the corporate triathlon, where employees can compete individually or in teams. This year’s triathlon expects over 4,000 sport-enthusiasts to take part. 

Sports with a focus on sustainability

Sustainability is an important topic for the ZC3 organizing team. To ensure that the event is as environmentally friendly as possible, the ZC3 is committed to protecting resources and the climate with various measures.

For example, the ZC3 works with regional suppliers and partners to keep transport-related emissions as low as possible. This avoids long delivery routes and supports local companies from Zurich and the surrounding area. The ZC3 also values locality when selecting materials and products and only gives out finisher giveaways and starter bags when participants actually need them, helping to save resources. The ZC3 does not provide parking spaces for cars and encourages visitors to travel by public transport if possible.

First Climate has been a co-sponsor and climate action partner for ZC3 since 2022 and calculates the ZC3’s emissions with detailed greenhouse gas accounting. In addition, First Climate collaborates with ZC3 to support global climate action with carbon credits from verified international climate projects. These carbon credits are purchased in the equivalent of the event’s carbon footprint. To ensure that participants' travel emissions are also taken into account, participants and visitors can record their travel data digitally via an app.

First Climate will be at a stand at the triathlon to answer questions and provide data collection advice to all visitors who want to reduce their travel-related carbon footprint.

Our participating experts are looking forward to the team spirit, the sports challenge and to welcoming visitors to our First Climate stand!



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