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New First Climate Consulting GmbH established for Ambitious Climate Action

Efficiency and growth: The company’s consulting departments unite under one roof

Sid Petersen and Olaf Bachert First Climate Consulting GmbH

New addition to the First Climate group: With a shared vision and unified strategy, the consulting teams of the company join together under one roof as the newly founded First Climate Consulting GmbH. Effective immediately, the new company bundles First Climate’s consulting expertise and provides diverse advisory services for the corporate journey to net zero. It is co-managed by First Climate-CEO Olaf Bachert (picture right) and Sid Petersen (picture left), co-founder and managing director of First Climate’s associated company, everi GmbH.

Demand for sustainability consulting services has skyrocketed as more and more companies push for ambitious climate goals. Against this background, concentrating First Climate’s consulting services in a single entity is an important next step to meeting demand and expanding the company’s offer of consulting services.

The founding of the First Climate Consulting GmbH will facilitate and further streamline the collaboration between the company’s consulting professionals and increase process efficiency. The result: quicker response times and further improved services for the corporate clients that are committed to climate action.

Advancing Climate Action Together

“We cannot tackle the climate crisis alone. This is true across the board: for countries, for companies, and even for our own activities. We are stronger together, and with our motivated team we will advance ambitious corporate climate action in the DACH region and beyond,” explains Sid Petersen, new co-CEO of First Climate Consulting GmbH. With a strong track record of leadership, most recently at everi GmbH, and nearly a decade of consulting experience under his belt, Sid Petersen will be responsible for business operations at First Climate Consulting GmbH.

Services for Tailored Climate Strategies

In the many years of dedicated corporate climate action, it has become apparent that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to decarbonization. In fact, effective decarbonization always requires an analysis on a case-by-case basis. Even companies within the same sector need individualized climate strategies. More and more companies strive to take responsibility and get involved in climate action. As a result, there is an increasing demand for high-quality climate consulting services.

Olaf Bachert, CEO of First Climate and co-CEO of the new First Climate Consulting GmbH, highlighted this: “Consulting services are rapidly gaining in importance for us at First Climate, but also for global climate action as a whole. Emissions need to be cut in half by 2030, but this cannot be achieved if companies are unclear on how best to achieve this. This new structure of our consulting services is key to providing our clients with a tailored strategy and approach that they need to take effective and impactful climate action.”

New Company, Newly Defined Focus Areas

First Climate Consulting GmbH is prepared to tackle this topic and to develop innovative climate solutions together with clients and partners. The focus of the new company includes consulting services along the entire Climate Journey: from carbon footprints and climate stress tests for companies to science-based targets and carbon reduction and avoidance strategies, to reporting (e.g. CDP, EU Taxonomy) and communication.



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