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Carbon Reduction Programs 

Innovative programs for targeted climate action – a successful model 

Nitrogen fertilizers are the second largest source of greenhouse gases in Swiss agriculture. 

The use of nitrogen fertilizers is the second largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in Switzerland’s agricultural sector. Nitrous oxide, a potent greenhouse gas also known as N2O, is released as a byproduct of the bacterial conversion of nitrogen in agricultural soils, the so-called nitrification and denitrification processes. Further emissions result indirectly from nitrogen lost in the form of ammonia and nitrate through volatilization and leaching. 

Modern climate protection in Switzerland’s agricultural sector 

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Modern additives to fertilizer formulations stabilize the nitrogen in its ammonia form, thereby considerably reducing nitrous oxide emissions. Due to their cost, however, these nitrification inhibitors are rarely deployed in Europe as well as worldwide. 

In Switzerland, First Climate operates a unique program to promote the use of climate-friendly fertilizers and help grow their market share. By making climate-friendly fertilizers available at discounted prices, the program will render them more affordable for farmers. 

The program makes use of the compensation mechanism established in Switzerland’s CO2 Law. This mechanism allows reductions of greenhouse gas emissions to be certified and transferred to third parties if the underlying project activities meet certain criteria.  

At this time, the program is limited to a single product, called ENTEC 26. First Climate launched this program in October 2016, after the Swiss Federal Office of Environment granted the necessary approvals. Further subprograms are currently under development, including the promotion of nitrification inhibitors used in combination with organic fertilizers (manure). 

  1. The ENTEC 26 program is targeting Swiss importers of ENTEC 26 as participants. Since October 2016, farmers and other downstream buyers in Switzerland benefit directly from discounted prices for ENTEC 26 without any further ado.

The ENTEC 26 program is financed by the KliK Foundation. Find out more about the KliK Foundation.


The following two companies are participating in the program and selling ENTEC 26 at a discounted price  in Switzerland:

Landfill gas program in Latin America for the Climate Cent Foundation 

Due to the low market prices for emission reduction certificates, CDM landfill gas reduction projects can no longer be operated at an economically viable level. Such projects were therefore stopped at numerous landfill sites in Latin America and other regions. As a result, the greenhouse gases, which are harmful to the climate, are again released into the atmosphere. 

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In order to ensure the constant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from these projects, the Swiss Climate Cent Foundation had commissioned First Climate to implement a funding program. The program ran from 2016 to 2020 and aimed at small to medium-sized landfills in Latin America. On behalf of the foundation, First Climate bought the emission reductions (CER) achieved through the operation of flares at a price covering the costs. 

Landfill gas program Switzerland of the KliK Foundation 

Since 2000, landfilling of waste with organic components, such as household waste and sewage sludge, is prohibited in Switzerland. However, methane continues to be released at many landfill sites from the decomposition of waste materials already in the landfill. The use of landfill gas for energy purposes or its destruction by means of an ordinary flare is not often possible due to the low methane concentration.


The KliK Foundation funds abatement measures at Swiss landfills through the purchase of certified emission reductions. Two technologies are applied; intensified aeration of the landfill to decrease methane formation, and combustion of methane in special lean gas flares. First Climate advised the KliK Foundation in the design phase of the program and is now supporting its implementation. 

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