Carbon Neutrality Services: Solutions for voluntary mitigation

The Paris Agreement of 2015 marks a milestone in international climate change mitigation efforts. Among other goals, the signatory nations have pledged to work towards keeping global temperature rise below 2°C compared with pre-industrial levels. The Paris Agreement will only come into force by 2020, but changes need to be made now! The Paris Agreement has opened the door for innovative ways that the private sector can initiate these changes and pledge commitments to emitting their ‘fair share’ of the remaining global carbon budget. Whether your goal is to set a Science-Based Target, achieve RE100 or assess your climate-related risks and opportunities for the TCFD, we are here to help.

Why get involved?

Reducing carbon emissions supports the Paris Agreement and also helps companies to generate new business opportunities. Companies which are involved in climate protection benefit from demonstrating an ecological awareness, while working towards improving their corporate brand and competitiveness.

Consumers demand climate-friendly products and services, investors analyze risks in their portfolios, and employees expect their employers to commit to climate action through corporate social responsibility schemes.

Additionally, according to current research, companies which are committed to environmental and social issues are financially more successful than those that do not.

Therefore, showing commitment to leadership in environmental protection and climate change mitigation is an investment in your company’s future development and can also help you to meet your stakeholder’s expectations.

Four steps for going green

In practice, every company and every business process has a carbon footprint. Depending on the activity and place of origin, three emission classes are distinguished:


Step 1

Step 1 is about measuring your individual carbon footprint and identifying the most relevant sources of emissions. First Climate undertakes the detailed quantification of your company’s greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with ISO 14064 and the Greenhouse Gas Protocol – the global standard for greenhouse gas accounting. Knowing your carbon footprint is the basis for climate neutrality. It enables you to define individual climate protection goals and to identify potential savings.

Step 2

Besides implementing efficiency measures, the procurement and use of electricity from renewable sources is the most effective way to eliminate your Scope 2 footprint. Some companies operate solar plants or wind turbines to switch to green electricity. Unfortunately, many locations don´t offer the right conditions for self-generation electricity. In that case, Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs) are a suitable alternative. EACs give proof of the generation of electricity from an eligible renewable source. First Climate assists you in developing and implementing tailor-made green electricity procurement strategies and delivers sustainable energy products that can be used in all your locations around the world.

Step 3

Not all emissions can be reduced or avoided. However, because climate change is a global issue, it is possible to compensate for emissions resulting from processes in a certain area by reducing or preventing emissions in another place. First Climate enables you to support high-quality climate protection projects worldwide and acquire certified emission reduction certificates that turn your business into a climate-neutral company.

Step 4

For about 20 years, First Climate has supported companies to balance their carbon footprint and pursuing carbon neutrality by offsetting their unavoidable carbon emissions. We know how important it is not only to live sustainability, but also to communicate your commitment successfully.

Therefore, we gladly support you in your stakeholder communication and in your public relations efforts. First Climate offers a variety of professional communication and marketing services and provides tailor-made content to help you to convey your messages and convince your customers

As a leading provider of climate neutral services, we create – among others – carbon footprints of companies and products, we develop strategies for reducing or avoiding CO2 emissions, we offer on-demand green electricity procurement, and we help companies to optimize their CDP scoring through contemporary climate management.

Carbon Neutrality Services for Corporates