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Carbon neutralization: Nature-Based Solutions

First Climate is your partner for sustainable carbon management with the help of carbon removals. By supporting carbon removal projects – in the past the term “CO2 neutralization” was often used for this – the active sequestration of carbon is made possible.


Supporting these projects is an important contribution to achieving international climate goals.

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In many parts of the world, continued deforestation and land-use changes to natural and near-natural areas are among the most significant sources of carbon dioxide emissions and thus key drivers of climate change. Without a clear step back from continuing global deforestation and land degradation, it will not be possible to meet the 1.5°C target of the Paris Agreement.


Alongside cutting emissions, the carbon sequestration potential for forests and soils plays an important role in reaching the Paris Agreement targets. Natural Climate Solutions (NCS), which maintain and build natural carbon sinks, are therefore important tools in the fight against climate change.



First Climate supports you on your journey to carbon neutrality with high-quality carbon removal projects that permanently store carbon and actively remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

We make it possible for you to obtain emission reduction and removal certificates from high-quality forest protection, soil management and reforestation projects from all over the world.

Journey to carbon neutrality with carbon removal projects

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