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Carbon Neutralization: Nature-Based Solutions 

First Climate is your partner for sustainable carbon management using nature-based climate protection measures. The projects sequester and store carbon dioxide and therefore actively make an important contribution towards climate protection.  

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In many parts of the world, continued deforestation and land-use changes to natural and near-natural areas are among the most significant sources of carbon dioxide emissions and thus key drivers of climate change. Without a clear step back from continuing global deforestation and land degradation, it will not be possible to meet the 1.5°C target of the Paris Agreement.


Alongside cutting emissions, the carbon sequestration potential for forests and soils plays an important role in reaching the Paris Agreement targets. Natural Climate Solutions (NCS), which maintain and build natural carbon sinks, are therefore important tools in the fight against climate change.

First Climate helps you support nature-based climate protection projects 

We make it possible for you to obtain emission reduction and removal certificates from high-quality forest protection, soil management and reforestation projects from all over the world.

Going Climate Neutral with Nature- Based Solutions 

Project-Based Natural Climate Solutions – Our Services

First Climate supports you with the neutralization of unavoidable emissions through high-quality carbon removal projects. Invest today in existing future-oriented projects or take one step further and develop your own project to achieve the highest possible degree of involvement, commitment, exclusivity, and credibility. We will be happy to help.

NCS strategy development

Together with you, we plan your personal NCS strategy. We take into account your individual requirements such as degree of involvement (sport transaction vs. project development), develop opportunity and risk profiles and jointly define KPIs and goals. 

Project sourcing 

With professional expertise, First Climate advises and supports you in the delivery of emission reduction certificates from existing project or in the development and implementation of your own carbon sink projects. Our offer includes options for early-stage engagement, and we advise on suitable support and financing models.

Development of new NCS projects 

First Climate has over 15 years of experience in developing nature-based carbon removal projects. With our international network of experienced partners, we offer the highest level of reliability for realizing project ideas, regardless of the type or location. During implementation, we use the latest CAD and GIS technology and guarantee the long-term and reliable monitoring of project activities.  


First Climate can contract the required carbon certificates (known as an Emission Reduction Purchase Agreement, ERPA) on your behalf under your preferred and negotiated conditions, and can manage the contract on a long-term basis. With our many years of experience with hundreds of projects and our own tools and processes developed in-house, we support you in carrying out early stage and due diligence assessments.

NCS portfolio management 

We advise you in the selection and development of your project portfolio. Our portfolio management services bundle and control all operational processes surrounding your projects. First Climate ensures that the projects run smoothly and according to plan and takes care of reporting and project communication.  

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Joachim Sell

Head of Natural Climate Solutions