CDP: Using disclosure as an opportunity to showcase climate action leadership

In the wake of the Paris Agreement and as carbon policies push for further cuts in greenhouse gas emissions, manufacturing companies are faced with increasing challenges to decarbonize operations. In addition to compliance obligations such as emissions trading systems or carbon taxes, voluntary efforts are also key to tackling climate action – and enable industrial businesses to demonstrate ambition and leadership to stakeholders. The CDP provides a globally-recognized platform for business to disclose these efforts.

Unlocking energy and emissions data

Previously known as the Carbon Disclosure Project, CDP empowers organizations to publicly disclose sustainability practices, strategies and performance. The platform’s standardized questionnaires (Climate Change, Water, Forests) provide investors and customers with a transparent and comprehensive view of a company’s climate impact. In this way, business decisions can be guided by carbon footprint and resource efficiency considerations in addition to traditional economic indicators.

The benefits of reporting annually to CDP go beyond providing transparency on decarbonization efforts and include improving brand value and stakeholder relationships. On top of the disclosure process, organizations also have opportunities to collaborate with official CDP partners to identify new emission reduction potential or other efficiency enhancements. Accredited service and solution providers work closely with CDP to advise respondents on best practices within relevant supply chains and on benchmarking against industry peers.

Over 1’000 companies currently disclose data to CDP, representing over 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Find out more about their climate mitigation record at

First Climate:Customized support for CDP disclosure

First Climate guides and supports manufacturing companies in their annual response process to CDP. From assessing disclosure requirements and relevant methodological changes, to identifying data needs, optimizing responses and compiling the reports, First Climate accompanies clients through the entire reporting cycle. Furthermore, as accredited CDP Silver Renewable Energy Partner (2017) and Silver Water Consultancy Partner (2015, 2016), First Climate is dedicated to helping companies develop and achieve their green energy and water stewardship objectives.


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