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What we stand for


Our Vision, Mission and Values

Joining forces with committed companies around the world to help combat the climate crisis: that's what First Climate stands for. Creating positive climate impact is at the core of our identity as a
company dedicated to sustainability.  




The road to Net Zero – Our vision

Tackling the climate crisis is the global challenge for humankind of our time. At First Climate, we are committed to contribute to meeting this challenge successfully. This is also mirrored in our vision, which describes our self-image as a company: 


Transitioning society to Net Zero – for a livable planet. In time.

Climate protection that makes an impact –
Our mission

With our solutions for reducing carbon emissions, we have enabled our customers and partners to realize emission reductions in international climate protection projects. Together we have achieved reductions totaling over 100,000,000 metric tons of carbon equivalent to date.

In the future, the focus will be even more on avoiding emissions at the point of origin. In addition to this, we must also increasingly use processes to actively remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. We want to contribute to this – with sound analyses of emission sources, the development of individual climate strategies and the provision of high-quality technical and biological carbon sink projects. Thus, our mission reads as follows:


Deliver smart climate solutions. Enable measurable impact. Support organizations on their journey to Net Zero. 

With over 20 years of experience in climate protection, we are here to support our clients in achieving their climate goals and will continue to do so as a reliable partner.

What can you expect from us? – Our set of values

Our core values reflect the identity of our company. They define what’s important to us and
how we move forward with our work today, tomorrow and in the future.

Our Values
Transparency and Ouality


We treat our clients, partners, colleagues, fellow human beings and our environment with openness and appreciation. We respect diversity in all its forms, live and promote equality, and identify with the principles of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Transparency and Quality

We are the partner for committed companies seeking to implement tailored climate protection solutions. We openly and transparently inform our clients about the opportunities and challenges related to the strategies and measures that we propose. With this clear communication, we establish trust in our conduct. It is important to us to stay focused on accuracy and thoroughness at all times in order to deliver the best quality of advice.

Client Focus

We advise our clients personally and customize our services to their individual needs, even if there are complex specifications. Our clients’ concerns are our top priority. Working together, we build upon long-term and solid relationships.



Implementing impactful climate protection initiatives in partnership with our clients is what drives us. We fully believe that our work brings us closer to a future worth living for everyone. In our daily operations, we shed light on the impact and effectiveness of all available climate solutions, and we go the extra mile to achieve the most ambitious goal.



We are future-focused, and we anticipate and follow important developments in science, society, climate policy and technology. This makes it possible for us to shape and deploy new climate protection solutions that enable the implementation of innovative reduction concepts related to greenhouse gas emissions.

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