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Certification Standards and Co-Benefits of our Projects   

All of our climate protection projects are 100% additional which means that without the income generated through the sale of emission reduction certificates, the project would not have been implemented. All projects are checked against the highest standards by independent verifiers such as TÜV Rheinland, TÜV SÜD, SGS or Det Norske Veritas, to guarantee environmental benefits. 

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Verified Carbon Standard (VCS)  


The Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) is a global standard for validating and verifying voluntary emission reductions. Any emission reductions that are validated and verified by VCS must be real, measurable, permanent, additional, unique, transparent, conservatively calculated and checked by an independent verifier. Methodologies of the VCS are closely based on the rules of the Kyoto Protocol. When it comes to the volume of emission reductions, the VCS is the most important standard for the voluntary funding of climate action with carbon credits.


Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)  


The CDM is one of three mechanisms defined by the Kyoto Protocol for certifying emission reduction projects in developing countries. These projects produce CER certificates, which each refer to a single tonne of carbon dioxide. These CERs can be traded and used by industrialized countries to help meet their own emission reduction targets under the Kyoto Protocol.  


Gold Standard  


The Gold Standard is largely built on the Kyoto Protocol’s rules for calculating emission reductions. However, the Gold Standard additionally requires the ecological, social and economic added value of a project to be periodically checked by a validator. The Gold Standard is the highest quality project standard and was co-developed by the WWF.  

Sustainable Development Goals – Contributing to Sustainable Development  ​

All of First Climate’s projects offer a variety of co-benefits for the environment and local people. Consequently, our projects enable to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals and contribute to sustainable development in the project locations.  

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