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Team Spirit, Sports, and Climate Action in the Heart of Zurich

At the Zurich City Triathlon 2024, the First Climate teams took on the sporting challenge / Involvement as climate action partner

This year's triathlon was once again marked by athletic motivation, team spirit and a shared sense of accomplishment. Whether on land or in the water, at the finish line or at the First Climate sponsor's stand in the ZC3 Village – a fantastic feeling permeated the event site and the entire route between the city and Lake Zurich. This was also clearly noticeable among the athletes of our two participating First Climate teams.

Was sind Scope 1,2,3 Emissionen?

Members of First Climate's team of staff and competitors at the corporate sponsor's stand in the Triathlon Village were on hand to welcome visitors and collect related travel data for this year's carbon footprint calculation.

More than 4,000 triathletes gathered last Sunday to compete in the Zurich City Triathlon and cheer each other on all over the Landiwiese at Zurich's Mythenquai and Saffa Island. Two First Climate teams also took part, competing in the sporting challenge in three endurance sports –swimming, cycling,and running over an Olympic distance as part of the company triathlon.

"It's a special experience to be at the ZC3. You get the feeling that everyone in Zurich is on their feet – it's a fantastic atmosphere. Many thanks to our partner, ZC3, for a well-organized event! As a co-sponsor and climate action partner, we are proud to contribute to making the ZC3 as climate-friendly as possible once again this year," said Olaf Bachert, CEO of First Climate and a competing cyclists in one of the two First Climate teams.

The starting signal for the swimming discipline to begin the corporate triathlon teams was given at 2 o’clock in the afternoon on Saffa Island. The swimmers covered a distance of 1.5 km in Lake Zurich and passed the challenge on to their teammates in the cycling discipline. The 40-kilometer cycling course was a loop around Lake Zurich between Landiwiese and Küsnacht. The 10-kilometer running track ran parallel to the lake basin and ended at the finish line on the lakeshore in the center of the Landiwiese. At trackside, the First Climate athletes had the chance to cheer each other on over the last few meters and celebrate the finish together.

At the First Climate sponsor's stand in the center of the Triathlon Village, participants had the opportunity to enter their travel data and thus contributed to the calculation of the event's carbon footprint

Our triathlete teams have shared a few colorful highlights and impressions. Have fun browsing!

Pictures 11-14: ©AlphaFoto , Pictures 15-19: ©Zurich City Triathlon


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