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Discover the latest version of the digital carbon footprint calculator for events now on my.FirstClimate

More features, more support for your corporate carbon management

Regular service and product updates are part of First Climate's support for companies on their climate journey. This also applies to its digital climate solutions: On the online carbon management platform, my.FirstClimate, users now have access to an updated version of the digital carbon footprint calculator for events and can benefit from several advantages.

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After a pause due to the pandemic, in-person events are once again playing a major role in many companies’ events planning. However, this is inevitably accompanied by a significant increase in CO2 emissions caused by event organization and implementation. With the new version of its digital tool for calculating an event-related carbon footprint, my.FirstClimate makes it easier for companies to measure and effectively reduce emissions.

For each individual calculation, the new version of the digital event carbon footprint calculator provides a detailed overview of an event’s generated emissions, enabling significantly more precise emissions calculations. In addition to an optimized design and increased user-friendliness, it can now be used not only for national, but also for international events. Based on the calculated carbon footprint, the platform offers companies the option to support global climate action by buying carbon credits in the equivalent emissions amount from verified climate projects.

Do you know your event’s carbon footprint? Register now on my.FirstClimate and discover all the new functions of the updated carbon footprint calculator to make your corporate event more sustainable:



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