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Climate Workshops Connect Know-How to your Climate Strategy

my.FirstClimate opens booking system for customized workshops

More companies are becoming involved in climate action. However, this can be a challenge for small and mid-sized businesses, as they often have not acquired the necessary background knowledge. To fill this gap, the my.FirstClimate platform is now offering workshops on climate-relevant subjects to companies to support the development of efficient corporate climate strategies.

The new booking system is directly accessible via the my.First Climate platform and can be found in the “Plan your Climate Journey” section. The platform offers fully registered users the option of booking introductory workshops for a fee. As the climate-related workshops take place online, they offer the added benefit of being convenient independent of your physical location. This new offer is primarily aimed at companies that, on the one hand, are committed to climate action and intend to develop a climate strategy, but, on the other hand, do not yet have the necessary basic knowledge.

"The interactive, needs-based training sessions provide the fundamental principles essential to the successful preparation for the complex requirements of corporate climate strategy management," explains Barbara Mettler, Head of Climate Engagement Programs at First Climate. The training workshops are designed to be company-specific: each booked workshop is restricted to one company; however, any number of their staff may participate. The introductory workshops can be customized to the individual needs of small and medium-sized companies, as well as public sector entities.

The first two workshop topics open for paid bookings on the platform are:

  • Workshop 1: Climate Change and Corporate Climate Action

  • Workshop 2: Defining Corporate Climate Goals – Introduction to Science-Based Targets (SBTs)

When do the climate workshops take place?

Our experts are available for the online workshops every week beginning 8th of November 2022, and the workshops take place on

Tuesdays from 10:00 - 11:30 a.m. (CET)

For organizational reasons, the workshops must be booked at least one week in advance. After successfully booking, users will receive an invitation and confirmation via MS Teams.

Alternatively, special requests for preferred dates can be made in the booking section on the workshops page within the my.FirstClimate platform. In this case, all requests must be submitted a minimum of two weeks in advance. Our consulting team will make every effort to honor your requested date(s) and will contact users by email in a timely manner to confirm the date or suggest an alternative.

All workshops will be led by trusted experts from the First Climate consulting teams, who will be happy to answer general questions about the workshop content. "We are looking forward to the direct exchange with the participants and to advising as well as supporting them in the first steps of their climate action journey," says Barbara Mettler.

Find all details here.



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