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“Active Together” at the B2Run Frankfurt 2022

23 First Climate teammates walked, jogged, or sprinted through a 5K course to the finish at this year’s corporate run

On June 14th, under bright blue skies and brilliant sunshine, 23 enthusiastic First Climate staff members crossed the finish line in the Deutsche Bank Park at the B2Run company fun run in Frankfurt. The event welcomed more than 2,600 entrants, who were motivated by cheering fans and a sea of eye-catching corporate jerseys promoting the 130 companies in participation.

As part of an ongoing partnership, First Climate will calculate the carbon footprint of all the B2Run events. Besides the runs already completed, First Climate will calculate the event-related carbon footprints for the remaining corporate runs, ending with the last event in Cologne in September 2022. In keeping with the theme of carbon neutrality, all guests were encouraged to use public transportation or large-capacity shuttle buses, which is how Team First Climate arrived at the after-work event.

Ready, Set,…Net Zero!

Under the motto, “Ready, Set, …Net Zero!,” the First Climate runners and team spirit squad sported climate-friendly, sustainable jerseys made from recycled plastic bottles. “First Climate is helping make all the B2Run events carbon neutral by calculating carbon footprints and offsetting the related emissions through the Rimba Raya project in Indonesia. Our sponsorship is a perfect mix of climate action and employee health promotion," says Mike Hatert, Chief Operating Officer of First Climate Markets and captain of the First Climate running team.



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