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Long-Term Carbon Storage
with Biochar  

Swiss Life supports two biochar projects in Switzerland and France


Project Switzerland

Location: Flaachtal (ZH) and Maienfeld (GR)

Project Standard: ISO 14064:2

Project Type: Biochar

Project France

Location: Argentan/Normandy

Project Standard:

Project Type: Biochar

Project Images


Project Portrait

Biochar is a carbon-rich product that is produced from plant raw materials through pyrolysis. There are many possible applications, especially in agriculture, animal husbandry and the construction industry. Among other things, the biochar improves the water and fertilizer retention capacity of the soil and promotes animal health as a feed additive.  

In all cases, the biochar ensures long-term storage of the bound carbon due to its high stability towards natural decomposition processes and thus makes an important contribution to climate protection. 

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