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Product Upgrade: my.FirstClimate introduces Business Travel Calculator

New product expected to boost client corporate carbon management

Due to overwhelming client demand, First Climate has updated its carbon emissions calculations options on my.FirstClimate and now expands its offers with a tool to manage Business Travel Carbon Footprint (BTCF) calculations.


For companies to be able to master the task of managing their carbon budgets and related emissions, it takes time, know-how, and accurate information, and routine monitoring. To do this proficiently, it also means having a watchful eye on complicated processes, like supply chains as well as smaller, recurring activities, like daily commutes and attending conferences or meetings locally and out of town. Today, despite international efforts to reduce carbon emission, business travel continues to be a frequently occurring and substantial part of commercial practices. That said, not all business travel includes long-haul flights, even business-related micro-trips (e.g., short-distance journeys to and from clients) can add up to considerable amounts of carbon emissions, which need to be disclosed.

Add-on option for business travel emissions

Accurately recording multiple numbers of small emission amounts and dealing with the related carbon emissions can be a tedious and exhausting task. To help corporate clients with a clear focus on their business travel emissions to maintain a better handle on their carbon outputs, the new digital carbon footprint calculator exclusively on the my.FirstClimate platform now offers an option to compute several types of travel-related carbon footprint measurements. The Business Travel Carbon Footprint (BTCF) calculator provides a detailed overview of the emissions resulting from all types of corporate travel activities including car, air, trains, bus/ferry and hotel stays.

Example screen of user interface in business travel calculator on my.FirstClimate.
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The calculator has a user-friendly interface, currently available in German and English, which makes it possible to track and calculate carbon emission sources for multiple travelers across the five business travel types. In the case of air travel, users can quickly identify outbound and inbound airports using a standard three-letter city code to add up travel distances more accurately, and the tool also differentiates between long-haul, medium-haul and short-haul flights for each trip. These expanded functions are easy to use and provide a step-by-step guide for instructional help.

The new calculator has other attractive advantages. Users can enter an unlimited number of calculations within the license period, so regardless of a company’s size, the platform can match its needs. Also, calculations can be monitored based on periodic need and can be tallied on a weekly, quarterly, or yearly basis for example. The calculator provides a detailed emissions overview report for each completed calculation, which then allows the user to see the specific sources of travel-related emissions. Once the required information has been entered and the calculator displays the total number of emissions, the system conveniently suggests options, in the form carbon credits, for clients to invest in high-quality climate protection projects from First Climate’s curated portfolio. Thereby, users have an immediate opportunity to equal out their carbon emissions budget by supporting sustainable activities, such as energy efficiency, safe water, or reforestation.

Interested in exploring the newly launched my.FirstClimate business travel calculator? Contact our team to learn more about these exciting improvements to the platform.



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