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Partnership for Developing a Net Zero Strategy

First Climate cooperates with the Institute for Sustainable Energy Studies at the University of Mannheim

First Climate is now a sponsor and official partner of the Mannheim Institute for Sustainable Energy Studies (MISES). As part of their cooperation, the two partners will work together on issues relating to the future of decarbonization and draft concepts for the development of Net Zero strategies.

MISES is a scientific institution with an established international reputation. Research and teaching at the institute focus on questions regarding the phase-out of fossil fuels and the costs of decarbonization for the economy and society. An important part of the cooperation between MISES and First Climate are joint workshops for mutual exchange.

The institute will provide insights into current research work and results and discuss practical climate-related issues together with the First Climate experts.

For example, First Climate will be able to draw on the latest data for the analysis of corporate carbon footprints to increase the reliability of calculations in special cases of application and complex scenarios such as the analysis of supply chain emissions. In addition, the collaboration will develop the outlines of a practical and future-proof Net Zero concept that will enable First Climate’s clients to transform their business processes in a scientifically sound way on the way to achieving the net zero emissions target.

Conversely, First Climate will provide MISES researchers with insights into the practice of corporate climate protection. It is planned that the company will also create internships and diploma positions to promote young scientists at MISES.

“I am very pleased that we have been able to engage MISES for our partnership – one of the most renowned scientific institutions in the field of decarbonization of economic systems,” says Sebastian Hillegaart, who initiated the cooperation project on the part of First Climate. On behalf of MISES, Prof. Gunther Glenk thanked First Climate for funding the institution, which will enable the support and expansion of research work at the institute. Both sides emphasized that their cooperation is a classic win-win situation from which both sides will benefit greatly, and which will help to show companies an efficient and economic path to a climate-efficient future.

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