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A Deep Dive for the Environment

First Climate extends sponsorship agreement with underwater photographer Claudia Peyer

First Climate has renewed its partnership with professional underwater photographer Claudia Peyer. Since 2016, the company has supported the dedicated artist through sponsorship by calculating her travel-related carbon footprint and compensating for the unavoidable emissions caused by her diving trips.

First Climate has recommitted to supporting Claudia Peyer for another two years, which will assist her artist endeavors and work. “I love all parts of nature, and as a photographer, I have to admit that nature itself is the most prolific artist in the world,” says Peyer, who lives in Winterthur, Switzerland. Her love of nature, particularly the sea, has taken her all over the world to dive and capture stunning images of marine life. Her detailed photos of tropical coral reefs and the inhabitants there have made her a trailblazer in the field of super macro photography of corals. With her artwork, Claudia Peyer intends to raise public awareness for the fragility of nature and to contribute to climate protection. Thus, compensating for her personal carbon footprint is of great importance to her.

The worldwide Corona pandemic disrupted Claudia Peyer's travel itinerary, but she was still able to travel to Tenerife recently. There, she had the opportunity to take breath-taking pictures of playful sea turtles, schools of fish, kaleidoscopic coral reefs, crustaceans, and algae-covered ruins – things that most people usually do not have a chance to see with such clarity and detail. “Since 2008, when I started this type of photography, I have been able to document dynamic changes in the animal and plant life of the planet’s oceans. My work shows how fragile and vulnerable these natural habitats are,” explains Claudia.

Building awareness

Over the past decade, Peyer has turned her passion into a successful profession. She regularly shows her underwater photography to the public in local exhibitions. These shows feature her deep-sea dives as well as images taken in local rivers and streams. Her pictures also show the impacts of continually rising water temperatures, pollution, overfishing, acidification of water and mass tourism. Peyer’s art makes a profound statement about the state of oceans, and true to her professional tagline, she has made an artform out of encouraging others to see things differently. These new perspectives can help encourage others to take action against climate change and protect endangered sea life.

Combined Commitment to Climate and Environmental Protection

“Claudia Peyer has found a fascinating way to share her experiences in this underwater landscape, and at the same time, inspire others to take action in the name of environmental protection to combat the constant threat of climate change in the most remote areas of the world,” explains Urs Brodmann, Managing Director, First Climate Switzerland AG. “Increasing climate awareness and environmental protection at individual as well as industrial levels– this is the mission that First Climate also follows, and therefore we are excited to continue to support Claudia with her work,” says Brodmann.

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