Water as a Strategic Resource

Together with climate change, the issues of water scarcity and water pollution are among the most pressing issues of the 21st century. Environmental degradation, excessive consumption and the consequences of global warming will soon cause massive problems in many parts of the world when it comes to securing adequate supplies of water that is of sufficient quality for all users and the environment; to some extent many of these problems already exist today.

For companies, this creates completely new challenges, because water resources are essential both for production as well as for other local users with whom these resources are shared. Water scarce areas in particular require solutions that enable all stakeholders to have adequate access to water.

Pioneering Solutions for Water Management

With a wide range of water-services available to companies looking to develop effective and credible water strategies, First Climate has been a pioneer in this area since 2010. In addition to launching a water consulting partnership with the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), First Climate was also behind the development and launch of the Water Benefit Standard – an independent certification framework for water conservation projects. Moreover, Sascha Lafeld, CEO of First Climate Markets AG, is a member of the Steering Group of the European Innovation Partnership on Water, an institution advising the European Commission on water issues. With our expertise in water services, we can help you to formulate and achieve your company’s water objectives.

“The scarcity of clean drinking water has become one of the most pressing issues faced by societies worldwide. With the WBC mechanism, we can attach a kind of a value to the provision of quality drinking water in order to avoid wasteful distribution practices and direct it where it is most urgently needed. With our risk management expertise we would like to contribute to the development of a thorough mechanism to finance sustainable project to save and purify water.”



Dr. Astrid Zwick,

Head of Corporate Responsibility, MunichRe



Four Good Reasons to Engage with First Climate

  • Competence and effectiveness
    First Climate is the leading global provider of water services for businesses. We can help you to measure your water consumption using various accounting frameworks as well as to build strategies for sustainable water management. In addition, we develop tailor-made projects promoting sustainable water practices, which allow you to invest in positive environmental outcomes. We are competent partners and adapt our services to your specific needs.


  • Minimize risk and cost
    Through our specific water management approach, we identify areas in your direct operations or supply chains which may suffer from a direct economic, reputational or legal risk as a result of water shortages in the short- to long-term. Based on the analysis, we develop action strategies for reducing risk. This allows you to improve the efficiency of your entire value chain, and to avoid unnecessary water withdrawal and purification costs.


  • Strengthen your brand both internally and externally
    Responsible and transparent water management helps to make your company attractive both internally and externally. In an increasingly competitive business environment, a credible commitment to the environment and social responsibility matters to many customers, investors and potential employees.


  • Attracting investment
    For a growing number of investors, “green” criteria play an important role in investment decisions. Companies that operate in an environmentally friendly manner are thus more attractive to investors. Implementing efficient water management practices significantly increases your chances of being included in various sustainability indices (e.g. Dow Jones Sustainability Index, FTSE4good) and thus draws the attention of new investors to your business.

Inform yourself on the following pages about the details of our range of water services and discover how you can minimize long-term risks and ensure successful business operations with First Climate.