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Two New Service Offers on my.FirstClimate

New tools help clients design their climate action journey

The my.FirstClimate platform expands its service offers in two exciting areas. Number one, a recently launched module helps client request suitable climate protection projects to push climate action. Number two, an exclusive online booking system for consulting workshops will be launched in October.

The new project request tool provides an easy way to review effective climate protection projects by filtering available options according to your preferences and project criterion.

You can sort the project preferences according to, for example:

• Project type

• Project standard

• SDGs and climate action focus

• Project location

And your request will be processed via the my.FirstClimate platform.

The tool makes it easy for clients to request projects which specifically target the kind of impact they would like to achieve through their climate action. Go to the website and select the “Request now” button to request projects to support.

Additionally, another new my.FirstClimate service offer will go live soon: The new online workshop booking system will be available from October. Initially, two 90-minute workshops will be offered, which cover the topics: “Introduction to the World of Science-based Targets” and “Introduction to Climate Change and Climate Action”. All workshops will be led by experts from the First Climate consulting teams. These introductory workshops can be tailored to the specific needs of small and mid-sized enterprises as well as for public sector clients.

The new booking system is user friendly and easy to access directly through the my.FirstClimate platform. Look for further details along with a link to the new service in the next First Climate newsletter. In the meantime, please contact our team to learn more.



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