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Medical aid for people without access to healthcare

First Climate's Christmas donation goes to aid organization Mercy Ships in 2023

Every year, every Christmas: First Climate donates to a worthy cause as part of the "Giving over Gifting” campaign during the holiday season. This holiday season, our support will go to Mercy Ships - an international humanitarian aid organization that works to improve healthcare for people in particularly structurally weak regions around the world. To this end, Mercy Ships operates two hospital ships that bring medical aid, expertise, and medical supplies to wherever they are most urgently needed.

Around 5 billion people worldwide do not have sufficient access to adequate healthcare due to a lack of financial resources, or they need to travel long distances to reach the nearest hospital. In sub-Saharan Africa, in particular, factors such as the scarcity of hospitals, inadequate equipment, a lack of specialists, and excessive costs make it difficult or impossible to provide adequate medical care for many people in need, including many children. Life-changing operations such as the treatment of cleft lips, jaws or palates, urgently needed surgical procedures, dental operations, or the psychological treatment of mental illnesses are virtually impossible under these conditions.

Africa at the heart of mission of Mercy Ships

Since its founding in 1978, Mercy Ships has been providing a high standard of medical aid to Africa and other parts of the world. For these purposes, the organization deploys two hospital ships, the Africa Mercy and the Global Mercy. Equipped with the latest medical technology, operating facilities and care stations, the ships transport doctors, nurses, teachers and other professionals who volunteer on the Mercy Ships to various locations in remote coastal regions. On board, volunteer doctors perform vital operations at the highest medical level and according to the latest scientific standards. In addition to their work at sea, Mercy Ships also promotes the improvement of local healthcare systems, for example by offering medical training and further education for local medical professionals or by investing in projects and programs for the sustainable development of infrastructure.

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"Access to medical care is one of the basic human needs. Mercy Ships brings this issue into focus and ensures that people in the poorest and most remote regions of the world are given hope and receive help. We have profound respect for the commitment to this project shown by the many volunteers in the Mercy Ships team. We are pleased that with our donation we can make a small contribution in support the important work of Mercy Ships," explains Olaf Bachert, CEO of First Climate AG.

Find out more about this year's Christmas campaign and the work of Mercy Ships!



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