Wood pellets are heating up

In addition to protecting our global climate, producing heat and steam from wood pellets can also bring financial benefits. Thanks to advancements in pellet firing technology and efficiency gains in the supply chain, wood pellets have become an attractive fuel for medium-sized and large consumers.

Our products and services

  • All grades of wood pellets, including DINplus and ENplus
  • Ash content <1%
  • Calorific value (LCV) > 16.9 MJ/kg
  • Seamless, fast delivery to customer’s storage with modern injection method
  • Secure supply
  • Single orders or long-term contracts
  • Placement and operation of pellet filling stations
  • Pellets from sustainably managed forests


Pellets from professionals: reliable, sustainable, economical

Through our network among manufacturers and logistics firms, our customers benefit from smooth pellet delivery and enhanced security of supply. For us, the quality, reliability, safety and sustainability or our pellet products along the entire supply chain are paramount.


Pellet supply from automated filling stations

First Climate procures and operates automated pellet filling stations. With this innovative solution, end-users can obtain pellets in bulk from a self-service facility using their EC cards. Pellets can easily be loaded in passenger car trailers, BigBags or other containers. Customers benefit from the bulk pellet pricing, when compared to pre-bagged products.

A pellet filling station can store about 25-30 tonnes of wood pellets. Thanks to their simple operation and high accessibility, pellet filling stations can complement a distribution network in remote areas and help to optimize logistics.