The easy way to climate neutral heat

Are you interested in receiving heating water or process steam for your facility, or in increasing the share of green energy in your district heating network? As an energy service provider, we can take responsibility for your heating energy needs and offer tailored solutions, including feasibility studies, planning, financing and operation of your heating system. Restrict your procurement to the precise amount of heat you require, and avoid complex investments.

We deliver and operate turnkey heating systems fired with wood pellets. Designed as modular container units, they allow for flexible adjustment of production capacity in response to changing heat demand. Cutting-edge technology ensures high system efficiency and clean combustion.

First Climate’s energy contracting at a glance

  • Mobile and stationary heating systems (0.3 MW per unit)
  • Fully automatic, low maintenance
  • Minimal construction and floor space requirements thanks to container design
  • Attractive fuel price
  • Reduced storage and transportation costs
  • High security of supply
  • Climate neutral
  • Low emissions of pollutants


Procure your energy from specialists

First Climate has successfully supported a diverse array of companies in climate action and renewable energy. Our clients benefit from a network of expert partners, including the Mann Naturenergie Group, a leading German supplier of wood energy solutions, who has deployed over 70 MW of wood-fired heating capacity.