Improved Cookstoves Project Video

First Climate has been filming in Uganda to document the activities and resulting benefits of the Uganda Improved Cookstoves Project. Here are some impressions we gained from the visit.

Among other things in Uganda, the First Climate-team was received by a local family who have cooked using an improved cookstove for 8 years now and have since had only good experiences.

Another film location was a visit to African Energy and Environmental Savers (AES) in Kampala, one of the companies involved in producing the project cookstoves. Further filming included interviews with local shopkeepers and their cookstove customers, a visit to the weekly market and a visit to a forested area near Kampala, where the pressure of deforestation has significantly lowered since the start of the cookstove project.

The new project video is now being produced and will be available on the First Climate website shortly.

Hintergrund: Partnerschaft mit Ryanair

Seit Beginn des Jahres ist First Climate offizieller Partner des Ryanair-Programms zur freiwilligen Kompensation von Flugemissionen. Die Passagiere können im Rahmen des Programms bei der Ticketbuchung an den Umwelt-Fonds der Fluglinie spenden. Die Mittel die dabei zusammenkommen nutzt Ryanair zur Unterstützung verschiedener Natur- und Klimaschutzprojekte. Unter anderem ermöglicht Ryanair mit Hilfe von First Climate so auch die Verbreitung effizienter Kochherde in Uganda.

Im konkreten Fall kauft Ryanair mit Hilfe von First Climate offizielle Emissionsminderungszertifikate des Uganda Cookstoves-Projekts, die die Einsparung bzw. Vermeidung einer konkreten Menge CO2 durch das Projekt bescheinigen. Die finanziell geförderte Kohlendioxid-Vermeidung gleicht die flugbedingten Emissionen der Ryanair-Passagiere rechnerisch aus.

Production of a cookstove at AES:
A worker creates rivets to secure the pot-stand on the stove-top.

Energy-efficient products:
A hardware store in the capital Kmapala selling AES improved cookstoves.

Curious observers:
Three interested boys follow the film team around a Kampala suburb.

Forests under pressure:
The high demand for solid fuels threatens forests around Kampala. Katrina Kalcic and Moses Kisame (r) from the project partner, Impact Carbon, alongside First Climate CEO Dr. Jochen Gassner walk around a local forest in Kampala.

Lots of coal:
A market scene in Kampala. Households also source their fuels here.

En route in Kampala:
Moses, Katrina and Jochen on their way to meet the Namirrimu family, who have been cooking on an improved stove now for 8 years.

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