CDP / First Climate Webinar “How to align your scope 2 emissions with a 1.5°C future”

Consumption of electricity and other forms of energy are, in most companies, a major source of GHG emissions. Setting up a short- to long-term strategy for scope-2 emissions management is therefore vital to meet the 1.5°C target of the Paris Agreement and a key component to any effective corporate decarbonization strategy.

Science-based targets and integrating renewable energy measurements are a vital method towards the 1.5°C target. What are the key considerations when procuring renewable energy for a global footprint and what is the current landscape for sourcing in key countries of operation? And how can scope 2 emissions be reflected in CDP reporting?

These were the key questions answered in the webinar presented by First Climate Renewable Energy Expert Sarah Drevermann and Climate Consultant Janosch Birkert as part of the company’s cooperation with CDP.

The recording is now available online. Watch here and find out about country-specific solutions for developing individual scope 2 strategies.

Watch the recording of the webinar now.

Sarah and Janosch will be happy to answer all questions related to green energy procurement options. To get in touch, please send an email to